T&O Curriculum

PatientList - Quick Start

First-time Setup

The first time PatientList runs, you are prompted to set a passcode. This passcode should be at least 4 numbers and will be required every time you open the app so the you can keep confidential patient information safe. Do not share this password with anybody else.

You can change your passcode in the future in the settings area.

Setting Wards and Consultants

After setting the passcode, it is recommended that you set up your wards and consultants before adding any patients. To do so, click on the 'Settings' button on the bottom. Here, select 'Wards' or 'Consultants'.

To add a value, click on the '+' button in the top right and enter the name and click 'Save'.

To delete a value, tap the red blob next to the ward or consultant that you wish to delete and tap the Delete button.

Your wards and consultants can be reordered by dragging them up and down the screen by the triple horizontal line on the right. This may help you to put the more commonly-used ones nearer the top.

Adding and Deleting Patients

On the 'Patients' tab, tap the '+' button at the top right of the screen. You can then enter patient demographic information, diagnoses, procedure information and notes in the appropriate fields. The Next and Previous buttons allow you easily to jump between fields. The only required field is Patient Name. Once you are finished, tap 'Save' in the top right hand corner.

To delete a patient, swipe their row on the patients screen and tap 'Delete'.

Modifying Patients and Jobs

The Patients screen is sorted by ward and gives you a summary of each patient's demographic details and diagnosis. To modify patient details, tap the respective patient's name. You will be brought to a screen showing all of the information entered for a patient. To edit this information, tap 'Edit' in the top right hand corner and make appropriate changes.

From the patient details screen, you can also assign jobs for a patient. Tap the 'Jobs' button on the bottom of the screen. This lists all jobs for a patient, sorted by whether or not they are done. To add a job, tap the '+' in the top right, enter the job name and tap 'Save'. If you tap a job, a menu will come up that allows you to mark it as Done / Not Done or delete the job.

Note that all jobs for all patients can be viewed on one screen by tapping 'Jobs' on the home screen. Tapping a job here will toggle Done / Not Done status. Jobs that are done are greyed out and a tick is displayed at the end of the line. To delete a job on that screen, swipe it.

Handover (version 2.0)

Patient and job details can be wirelessly transmitted between iPhones / iPads very easily. First, tap the 'Handover' button on the home screen on both of the devices. On both devices, tap 'Connect' and when a nearby device is found, tap its name to connect. After a connection is established, the 'Select Patients' button will appear.

To send patients to another device, tap 'Select Patients'. You will be brought to a screen that allows you to choose from your list of patients. Tap each patient that you wish to transfer and then tap 'Send' at the top of the screen. Once patients are sent, a message will appear on both of the devices to confirm transfer.

When a patient is transferred, a new patient record is created on the recipient device and all patient information, including related jobs, are transferred. However, if the recipient device already has a patient with the same hospital number, the patients are 'synced' instead. Any blank fields for the patient are filled in across both devices (i.e. if differernt data is entered into any of the fields, nothing is overwritten). All jobs are synchronised between devices. If the job is 'Done' on one and 'Not Done' on the other, both are set to 'Done' status. This allows you to efficiently manage your workload if several juniors are working for the same team.